“What is quality today?” Interview with the Aliseo Velluti’s founding members


In the last years, new consumption trends are taking shape more clearly: environmental respect, attention to the individual and re-evaluation of quality concept, no longer understood as luxury but as product durability over time. These new trends are bringing changes into many aspects of our daily life, from the way we move to the criteria by which we choose the goods we buy. But what impact do these changes have on industries such as furnishing textiles?

“Creating quality fabrics today” Federico Spinelli says, one of the two Aliseo Velluti’s founding members “means also being able to combine innovation and performance with low rates of pollution. Our mission is to promote and share the beauty in the world and we can’t accept that the beauty of private spaces is achieved at the expense of the environment in which we live.

We are textile craftsmen, and that means being able to combine ethics and beauty, linking elegance, harmony and taste through the selection of materials to produce a satisfying product, capable of transmitting all the attention that was put into its realization.

To bring this mindset into furnishing velvets production, all staff members should always stay updated and stimulated, not only on style and technical innovations but also on trends of global values towards which the entire world is moving; because only by working in complete harmony with the society in which we live it is possible to create products capable of satisfying the requests of the most demanding customers”

”Creating quality velvets” adds Stefano Laschi, the other Aliseo Velluti’s founding member “has always been my first goal, but there isn’t a simple recipe to accomplish this: there are flows and  processes to follow, and technological innovation also represents an essential ingredient however, just like in the kitchen, it is not possible to reach an exceptional result without quality raw materials and attention to details. It is precisely to ensure the best control over the productive process that we use internal looms to create our products: this way we are able to control the heart of the production process for each of our velvets, giving them all the attentions they need”

In conclusion, quality has been overshadowed for years: the whole world wanted low-cost and disposable products, and this has had a devastating impact on the environment. Over time we started to see the consequences of this lifestyle and we began to realise how necessary it is to change the course. Food industry led the way with the slow-food trend, and now words such as care, harmony, tradition and slowness are emerging in all sectors.

In a word, craftsmanship.

This is the way.